2INgage brings the best of two experienced community, nonprofit organizations to serve our most vulnerable children and families, and is honored to have been selected by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to serve as the Single Source Continuum Contractor responsible for overseeing the care and services for children in the foster care system in Region 2 – a 30 county area that includes Abilene and Wichita Falls.

Partnership Synergy

This partnership has combined child welfare experience of more than 95 years and will further our community’s pursuit of caring for our children and families with integrity and success.

2INgage is committed to these core principles:

1. INform and empower network agencies to see themselves as part of that community and therefore take responsibility along with the community for those children.

2. INspire a more positive, performance-driven system for families and children.

3. INgage Community to understand that the children entering the foster care system from their community are their children.

Partners: Texas Family Initiatives and New Horizons.

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4722 Taft Blvd, Suite 9
Wichita Falls, TX