(Drug Rehab Services) (Drug Rehab Services)

A substance use resource that’s completely free. The goal is to educate people about addiction and connect them to the treatment resources they need. They have compiled one of the largest and most complete directories of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in the US.

Many at have personally recovered from substance use, gained invaluable experience and knowledge that separates them from others in the field. This allows a level of care and compassion that they believe shows in their work.

They specifically list programs that they believe give people the best chance to succeed, programs where they would refer a loved one. They have substance use treatment specialists on standby, waiting to help connect people with the right treatment resource for them. This is done through an over-the-phone assessment that’s also free of charge.

This is where they can provide direction and support for both the person struggling with addiction and their family. No one is alone in this.

Call the 24 hour crisis hotline toll-free 1-800-304-2219 for help to talk to a qualified professional, who will link you to resources and referral options for substance abuse in Wichita County.


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