Advocacy Down Syndrome Support Group: The Upside

The Upside is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support and assistance for individuals with Down syndrome and their families, caregivers, and friends.  The Upside’s goals are:
  • See full-inclusion for children with Down syndrome in educational settings from elementary through college;
  • Provide support and education for individuals in medical community who are tasked with delivering either a prenatal or birth diagnosis of Down syndrome
  • Provide welcome baskets, which include educational information and goodies, to families when a child with Down syndrome is born
  • Serve as the first call for individuals who receive a Down syndrome diagnosis, prenatally or at birth, when they are ready for that support
  • To offer support and informational meetings to help families and caregivers adjust to and navigate the challenges they may face medically and educationally.
The Upside staff is available via email or phone anytime of the day for support. The Upside can be found on the web at and via Facebook @theupsideWF.
All support groups and meetings are currently put on hold due to COVID, with no updates as of yet on when they will be able to resume.

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Down Syndrome Support Group