Camp New Horizons

Camp New Horizons is a lifeline for children with diabetes to develop the critical skills needed to thrive while managing this disease. Attending summer camp helps children develop social skills, self-respect and life-long friendships. We give kids the opportunity to meet other kids just like them while fostering independence, building self-confidence and gaining an awareness of a healthy lifestyle through education, nutrition, exercise, emotional well-being and glucose control.

ADA Imagine Camp is designed to facilitate an at-home, virtual experience connecting kids and families. Offered Monday through Friday, with daily 1-hour virtual meetups for kids ages 5–17, all at no cost. with the option to attend as many sessions as your child may wish.

2021 camp has already ended.  Keep a lookout on their website to see what dates they are offering for 2022.

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Free, online Diabetes management involving activities for children to be able to learn with others just like them.