Center Court Athletic Club

If you find the idea of exercising in a big, busy health club intimidating, Center Court is the health club for you. Center Court offers an access-controlled, 24-hour gym where we are known for our friendly staff and members. Whether you want a quick game of racquetball at noon or to exercise in the fully equipped cardio room at one a.m., the choice is yours at the Center Court Athletic Club.

Hours of Operation
24 hours a day, seven days a week

710 Lamar Street
Wichita Falls, TX





Senior & Adult

Membership Fee

$26 and up...does not include tax or $40 set-up fee


Membership Rates* (tax not included)
Individual $34.50
Individual with Spouse $54.50
Tenant $26.00
Tenant with Spouse $41.00

Corporate Rates (billed to company)
3-9 Members $31.50
Members with Spouses $48.50
10 - 19 Members $29.50
20 - 29 Members $28.00
30+ Members $26.00

Business (billed to individual)
5 - 9 Members $33.50
Members with Spouses $50.50
10 + Members $30.50
Members with Spouse $39.50

MSU Rate
All Students $32.50


1. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.
2. Offer free-weights, cardiovascular equipment, and a full range of CamStar resistance equipment.
3. Have 3 racquetball courts (equipped for basketball and wallyball).
4. Complete locker room facilities, including free towel service, showers, day lockers and a sauna are provided.
5. Long-term lockers, laundry service and covered parking also available.
6. Require no long term contracts.