Excelsis Neurosurgery (Kairos Restorative Medicine)

Excelsis Neurosurgery (Kairos Restorative Medicine)

Restorative Medicine at Kairos is designed to assist you in overcoming injuries and persistent conditions, guiding you back to a life full of health and productivity. If recurring pain or mood disorders obstruct your path to a fulfilling life, they want to change that narrative. Ketamine therapies, integrated with the latest evidence-based treatments, allow them to create a nurturing environment tailored to accelerate healing. They provide a safe space for your recovery journey, focused on immediate and impactful results.

At Kairos, they understand that personal struggles with mood disorders or recurring pain can prevent you from living the way you want. Their providers, trained in the latest compassionate care techniques, stand on a foundation of integrity, creativity, and respect. They are committed to compassionately guiding you through your healing journey, ensuring you receive the comprehensive support you deserve.

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Wichita Falls, TX

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Dr. Scott Phillips

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IV Ketamine Infusion
Restorative Yoga*
DOC Journey
IV Ketamine for Acute Pain Episode
Alpha-Wave Stimulation*
IV Ketamine for Acute Depressive Episode
VR Meditation*
Pain Reprocessing Therapy
Gamma Core
Accelerated Pain Reprocessing
Health Coaching
Comprehensive Pain Program
Safe and Sound Protocol
Trigger Point Dry Needling
Stellate Ganglion Block
Somatic Experiencing Therapy
Pain Neuroscience Physical Therapy