Fatherhood Program

The National Fatherhood Initiative is for every child to grow up with an involved, responsible, and committed father.

Father Friendly Program
National Fatherhood initiative (NFI) transforms organizations and communities by equipping them to intentionally and proactively engage fathers in their children’s lives and by:

  • Using strategies that maximizes word-of-mouth and referrals from community partners.
  • Partners to provide resources and services from government agencies, social services, shelters, mental health organizations, and workforce and job placement agencies.
  • Asessing and train organizations to increase capacity to engage their staff in the delivery of services
  • Providing assistance or refferals for issues important to specific groups of men (e.g. legal assistance for men involved in child support or custody issues)
  • Providing incentatives (e.g. certificate, banner, and advertisement)



Alfonso Holmes