GoldStar Pharmacy

GoldStar Pharmacy is an independent, family & Aggie owned and operated Closed-Door Pharmacy specializing in Long-Term Care, Hospice, Specialty & Compounding Services. Headquartered in College Station, Texas GoldStar Pharmacy offers prompt, professional and friendly service, to meet all your prescription needs.

They offer:

  • Home, office, and even bedside delivery or mail order service
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Pharmacist Consultations
  • Immunizations
  • A Travel Clinic
  • Diabetes Management
  • Long Term Care
  • They use color-coded multi-dose medication compliance packaging-GoldStarPak . Combined with a high touch customer service model with heavy investments in automation – “The SynMed Robot”, patients get the Right Medication, Right Dose at the Right Time with Free Delivery of a 28 day supply of medications to the patients’ place of residence.

Call or e-mail with any questions or concerns-

4500 Carter Creek Parkway
Suite 201
Bryan, TX


Age Group

Youth & Adult


Free Delivery
Medication Therapy Management