If I Need Help

If you have a loved one who has Autism, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, or other issues with disorientation, they can get lost more easily and have more problems communicating to any bystanders that they need help. The If I Need Help system mitigates the risks to your loved one by bypassing communication barriers.

The If I Need Help system accomplishes this through several steps:

  • A free online membership
  • A profile for your loved one on our special needs registry
  • A confidential Emergency question and answer section that can be printed or emailed in an emergency
  • A QR-code enabled ID tag that can be worn or fastened to your loved one’s clothing


Patches, Shoe Tags, iD Cards, Window Clings, Bumper Stickers, Dog Tags, Pins, Clips & More!!

Put patches, pins, clips onto your clothes, backpack, or device!  We provide a place where the multitude of information about a person with special needs can be kept in one place. This information can be accessed by whoever needs it at the time. A Policeman, jogger or anyone who scans them can find basic information quickly from the individual’s public site. A babysitter, therapist, doctor, teacher or any trusted person can find out password protected secure detailed personal information. All of this information can be changed in real time by logging onto the site remotely or from a desktop. It can also be emailed to first responders in an emergency