Midwestern State University Dental Clinic

Services in the MSU Dental Hygiene Clinic are offered primarily in the interest of educating and training students.  Among the services offered are cleaning of teeth, the exposure of dental X-ray films, fluoride applications, sealants and plaque control instructions.

All treatment is provided by students under the supervision of the Clinical Teaching Staff.  The charting of observations in the oral cavity and the exposure of dental X-ray films by the student DO NOT constitute a diagnosis.  It is illegal for the student to diagnose dental conditions.  This must be done only by a licensed dentist.

This is a teaching institution and several appointments may be needed to complete a patient’s dental hygiene treatment due to the teaching that will occur and supervision requirements.

Prompt attendance for all appointments is required. Constant tardiness and/or two missed appointments may result in DISCONTINUED TREATMENT.  Call to make an appointment, or to cancel one.  At least 24 hours notice MUST be given by calling (940) 397-4737.

3410 Taft Boulevard
Wichita Falls, TX



Age Group

Youth & Adult


Cleaning for 6 - 11 years $15.00
Cleaning for Teen / Adult (12 Yrs and up) is based on Quad Classification

Additional Services provided (see website for current list with prices)


Dental Radiographs
Pit and Fissure Sealants