New Horizons Foster Care and Adoption

New Horizons foster care and adoption program finds homes for children, ages birth to 18 years old. They are looking for families who are willing to emotionally invest of the life of a child through temporary or permanent care. A family provides a safe place for a child who has been through a traumatic situation in their original home.

New Horizons trains and licenses homes for foster care and adoption in and around AbileneBrownwoodFort WorthGrahamMineral WellsSan AngeloWeatherford, and Wichita Falls, Texas.

Foster care is an essential service for children who must live apart from their parents due to abuse or neglect while maintaining legal and usually, affectional ties. The value of family foster care is that it can respond to unique, individual needs of children and their families through the strength of family living, and through family and community support.

The goal of foster care is to provide opportunities for healing, growth, and development leading to healthier children and families. (National Commission of Family Foster Care)

Children range in age from infants to older teens. The duration of stay depends on the child and their specific family situation. Sometimes a child will need to stay for an extended period of time, while others have short-term needs before being placed with kin. Foster care is meant to be a temporary situation for a child until a permanent living arrangement can be obtained.

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Adult, Infant and Child CPR Classes
Foster Parent Training Classes