School Zone Safety

School Zone Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Every school experiences traffic problems associated with its operation. These problems are not only aggravating to drivers, but they create an unsafe environment for school children. It is important for drivers in or near school areas to be especially sensitive to traffic laws and constantly alert for the presence of children. Since school traffic may be congested and confusing, drivers must exercise more caution.

Following the DO’S of school-zone traffic safety will help:


  • Be aware of established 20 – 25 mile-per-hour school zones.
  • Plan ahead. Allow enough time to pick up children at a pre-designated location. Speeding and unsafe driving endanger everyone.
  • Park correctly. Double parking and parking in crosswalks are both prohibited.
  • Leave school bus zones vacant and bus accessible. Watch for children in or near the street.
  • Let children out of vehicles on the curbside only.
  • Instruct children to obey the directions of school crossing guards and encourage them to use only established crosswalk locations.


Many area school zones utilize school flashers to warn motorist of the reduced speed zone. These flashers are solar powered and radio controlled to provide the ability to control flash times as conditions dictate. Occasionally, flashers fail to operate properly. We rely on the driving public to help inform us when a school flasher is out or malfunctioning.

To report a malfunctioning school warning beacon, please call (940)761-7640 from 8am to 5pm or call Police Dispatch at (940)720-5000 after hours and weekends.

Crossing Guards
School crossing guards are posted at crosswalk locations where it has been determined that both a significant number of elementary school students are crossing and a significant number of vehicles are traveling. When present, it is the crossing guards’ responsibility to determine when a safe gap in traffic exists and then stop traffic by utilizing a stop paddle to allow safe crossing of elementary age children. It is against state law to disregard the stop instruction from a crossing guard.

 Don’t Forget
 State Law prohibits the use of cell phones in an active school zone.

The safety and well-being of our children depend on the reasonable and prudent driving habits of everyone in school zones. Please be careful to obey all traffic laws in these areas.

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