Sexual Assault Prevention and Response SAFB (Sheppard Air Force Base)

The Sheppard AFB Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program (SAPR) actively commits to the safety and well-being of all Airmen, Adult Dependents and AF civilian members assigned to Sheppard Air Force Base.

Sexual assault is a crime and can be very traumatic for a victim of sexual assault. Sexual assault is defined as intentional sexual contact characterized by use of force, threats, intimidation, or abuse of authority or when the victim does not or cannot consent. Sexual assault includes rape, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, abusive sexual contact, forcible sodomy (forced oral or anal sex), or attempts to commit these acts.

For sexual assault reporting options, click here.

Hotline: 940-676-7272

Department of Defense Safe Helpline.
Text 55-247
Call (877)995-5247 

511 9th Street
Building 920
Sheppard AFB, TX