Sheppard Air Force Base Family Advocacy Program

The Family Advocacy Program is the congressionally designated program responsible for the prevention of and response to child abuse and neglect and domestic abuse /intimate partner violence in military families. The Family Advocacy Program works in cooperation with military and civilian medical providers, law enforcement, legal personnel, chaplains, and child and youth programs to provide a coordinated community response. The goal of the Family Advocacy Program is to promote the prevention, early identification, reporting and treatment of child and spouse abuse.

For active and inactive military, please contact the Family Support Center at 940-676-4358.

Sesame Street for military families Click Here!

149 Hart
Building 1200, Base Hospital
Sheppard AirForce Base, TX



*Public awareness campaigns, education and support for couples and parents
*Parenting support at every age and stage, including New Parent Support
*Program home visits for expectant parents, new parents and families with young children
*Safety planning, advocacy and support for domestic abuse victims
*Clinical treatment for offenders and all affected family members as appropriate provided by MEDCOM