The Opal Center

The LGBTQ community is at increased risk for negative mental health outcomes, largely as a result of rejection and discrimination by society and even friends and family. Unfortunately, this community also faces significant barriers to accessing competent mental health services. The Opal Center aims to remove these barriers by providing individual, couple, family, and gender therapy to LGBTQ individuals and their families in Texoma at no cost.  This 501.3.C. is run and Established by Ashley McErlean, who also practices and specializes in LGBTQ mental health therapy.  The group runs a youth social group that meets Wednesdays from 6:30-8, for ages 11-15

Call or e-mail for inquries.

Or visit their facebook page to take part in the community digitally, offering support groups in this format as well.

909 8th St. Suite 402
Wichita Falls, TX