Wee Chi Tah Trail

The Wee-chi-tah trail is a 13-mile off-road trail that starts at Berend’s Landing (by the Wee-Chi-Tah Sculpture) and travels west along the north side of the Wichita River into the Lucy Park area. It’s primarily used for hiking, mountain biking & running. The trail is an all-natural surface. It offers the challenges of short steep climbs and drops along with other obstacles that you would find on a native Texas trail. It was named the “Best Urban Off-Road Trail in Texas” by the Subaru Trail Doctors with Texas Parks and Wildlife. The trail is wild so we caution that you enjoy it but at your own risk!

The trail is not to be used when muddy.  For trail info, text intheknow to 84483 or email Sandy at info@weechita.org or call the HH100 office at 940-322-3223.

501 Wichita Street
Wichita Falls, TX

(940) 322-3223