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Partner with the Wichita Falls Public Library by becoming a volunteer! Volunteers are a valuable asset to the library, and an integral part of the library’s service to the community. You will acquire new skills and meet new people as you help connect the community to library services and programs.

To volunteer, you must be a library cardholder in good standing. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and are selected based upon qualifications, the needs of the library at any given time, and the willingness of the applicant to perform duties as needed by the library. While we appreciate every offer to volunteer, we are not able to accept every person who expresses an interest. Court-mandated community service cannot be completed at the library.

Because we rely on volunteers to help us provide the best service possible to the community, we ask that you commit to an agreed upon amount of time, and give reasonable notice if you are unable to be here when expected. Volunteer positions require a regular, ongoing commitment. The minimum time commitment for volunteering is 3 months from your start date, due to staff time devoted to training each volunteer. Volunteers will be assigned an area of responsibility, and assignments may be long or short-term.

If you are interested in volunteering, please come to the Adult Information Desk at the library to pick up paperwork, or click on the attachment below. Some paperwork must be notarized. Volunteers are required to undergo a background check through the City of Wichita Falls Human Resources Department. For more information, call 940.767.0868 x4233 or e-mail.

600 11th St
Wichita Falls, TX