Tang Soo Do Classes at the YMCA

Tang Soo Do dates back to around 57 BC and the founding of the Sicca Dynasty in Korea.  Roots are also deeply inbedded in the 37 BC Koquryu and the 18BC Paekche Dynasties.  During this epoch Soo Bahk Do, an ancient Korean Martial Art was developed and this would later give birth to Tang Soo Do.  We know that So Bahk Do first became known during the Sicca Dynasty and can therefore safely assume that it was in a developmental stage many years before.
Tang Soo Do, while based heavily on Soo Bahk Do, also incorporates many techniques from from other styles including Northern and Southern Chinese styles.  This gives Tang Soo Do both “hard” and “soft” techniques.

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Youth & Adult

Age Group

Youth & Adult

Membership Fee

$33/mo and up


$25 month member/ $35 non member


Tang Soo Do
For beginners, ages 7 and up. Youth and adults are together in class. Instructor: Ethan Shaw (5th Degree Black Belt/Master Instructor)