Do Your Part

During emergencies, communities tend to come together in order to help those that need it.

Participate locally in Classes / Seminars (link and info. TBD)

Volunteer!  (See notice below)





  1. The Wichita Falls-Wichita County Public Health District (WFWC-PHD) needs Volunteers to assist in the event of a Medical Incident that requires mass vaccination or dispensing of medications.  They primarily need medical personnel but also have volunteer roles for non-medical personnel.
  2. In order to become a Volunteer with the WFWC-PHD you must first go to the Texas Disaster Volunteer Registry (TDVR) on-line and register for an account. Once your account is created follow the instructions to fill out all required information.
    1. Complete your individual profile on the  Texas Disaster Volunteer RegistryInclude your contact information, certifications and training.
    2. When you go to Organizations in the registration process, select Wichita County Organizations and then select Wichita County Public Health District Volunteers.
    3. A background check is required to be a registered volunteer, and further instructions will be provided upon completing the process after you are registered on the TDVR site.
    4. If further assistance/ questions are needed, contact Daniel Gonzales via email or by phone 940-761-7910, or Ron Bakken at 940-761-2520  by phone or by e-mail.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!