Smoking Cessation Education Classes

Health Promotions

The Wichita Falls-Wichita County Health Promotions Program offers many programs and services to the community for a tobacco-free Wichita County.

Tobacco 1-on-1 Quit Consultations

Personalized tobacco quit consultations led by a Tobacco Treatment Specialist are offered FREE of charge. Readiness to quit is assessed as well as connecting the tobacco user to resources. Please call to register at (940) 761-7975 or fill out form below.

BreatheWell – Smoking Cessation Classes

Our FREE BreatheWell classes are taught by a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist to help tobacco users successfully quit using tobacco products in four 1-hour sessions. BreatheWell is a participant guided course that enriches quitting tobacco efforts with a certified facilitator and evidence-based curriculum which will help each participant be the most successful with their quit attempts!

Each participant is encouraged to attend all 4 classes to receive a certificate of completion. The 2-week course will meet twice (2) a week for 1 hour and the free initial 1-on-1 consult included. 

Smoking Cessation Education Class Registration Form

To register, fill out form below and you will be contacted by one of our facilitators about our upcoming class schedule. Congratulations for taking action to improve your health!

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