Programs - Preparedness

  • American Red Cross

    The American Red Cross of the North Texas Region serves a population of over 9 million people.  Their compassionate volunteers care for and support our friends and neighbors who face the worst moments of their lives due to disasters.  The Red Cross responds to emergencies in order to meet the urgent needs of those affected by…

    Free Smoke Alarm Installation

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  • Emergency Preparedness for Specific Groups

    Specific groups people may have different needs – especially during an unexpected disaster. Click here for a link about how to prepare older adults, expectant parents, people with illnesses, children, etc. for emergencies. Click here for free publications from on related topics.

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  • Older Adults & Medical Concerns

    The health of older adults may decline during emergencies due to multiple factors. Older adults often have more chronic conditions than other age groups, the treatment of which may require daily medications, specialized equipment, and care coordination. Sensory, physiological, and cognitive changes that may occur in the normal course of aging can also make it…

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  • SafeLink Wireless (Free Wireless Service)

    SAFELINK WIRELESS® is a program serving eligible households and is provided by TracFone Wireless, Inc. To participate in the SAFELINK WIRELESS® service, certain eligibility requirements must be met, which are set by each State where the service is provided. These requirements are based on a person’s participation in state or Federal support programs or by…

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  • Tornado Preparedness

    Click here for information from the CDC about how to prepare for a tornado.

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  • Wichita County Emergency Preparedness

    The Wichita Falls-Wichita County Public Health District works closely with the Emergency Management Offices of both the City and County as well as hospitals, other health care providers, and even veterinarians to prepare for and respond to emergencies. Visit these website and links for information about being prepared in the event of an emergency. Be…

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