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Texas Mother Friendly Worksite Initiative

The Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite designation is offered by the Texas Department of State Health Services. It is a benefit available to employers who want to implement this initiative. Worksite lactation programs cost little and have flexible options to meet the specific needs of any business. The Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite designation is voluntary and free of charge. Furthermore, it can make a significant impact for employers resulting in long-term employee retention, increased morale, higher job satisfaction, and better productivity.

To qualify for Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite designation, businesses have shown that they have provided a written and communicated policy of support to breastfeeding employees. This will usually take the form of flexible break scheduling and a private location, other than a bathroom, to express breastmilk. Many employers will find they already meet many of the Initiatives’ criteria!

Businesses interested in more information about Texas Mother-Friendly Worksites can click here. BreastmilkCounts.com is another website operated by the Texas Department of State Health Services. This site features a wealth of useful information for parents of infants as well as for expectant mothers. Also, it includes practical information for businesses to support breastfeeding and tips for working mothers.

Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (NAPSACC)

NAPSACC is an evidence-based program for improving the health of young children by enhancing child care programs’ practices, policies, and environments. To read more of their publications, please click here. Their aim is to improve the health of young children across the nation we recognize the importance of engaging the child care community, as these programs provide a foundation for healthy child development.

Licensed local child care programs that are interested in enhancing child development in your program through physical activity, click here to to find out more information.

Healthy Pantry Project

Though many of us may not realize the grave disparities that exist in our own communities, people struggle with hunger in every county and congressional district in Texas. Overall, food insecurity is at 16.6%, which accounts to about 37,500 people living in an food insecure area in Wichita County and surrounding areas. The Wichita Falls–Wichita County Public Health District wants to support the implementation of food service guidelines in the policies and practices at Texas food banks to enhance the nutritional quality of food distributed to our local food pantries.

For more information about the Healthy Pantry Project at the Wichita Falls Food Bank, click here. For more information about the Project in the State of Texas, click here.

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