Wellness Challenge 2024


Wellness Challenge Teams

  • The Slim Gymers – 187
  • The TRIs – 148
  • The Last 3 Donuts – -44

Wellness Individuals

  • Jadine – 107
  • Suzanne – 87
  • Janice – 85
  • Kevin – 70
  • Mike – 38
  • Caye – 21
  • Brooke S. – 14
  • Mikaila – -25
  • Jenny – -30
  • Alivia – -30
  • Rachel – -30

Rules for the Competition January 15 through April 15, 2024

All Health District employees are eligible to compete for free. Participants may sign up by emailing ashley.sisk@wichitafallstx.gov or Felicia.fraga@wichitafallstx.gov    

There will be two categories:

  • Team (3 people/team), teams must register together 
  • Individual

We will use a point system to determine the winner. Points for weight will be based on the percentage of body weight lost. To calculate your body weight lost,

  • take your actual weight (AW) and subtract it from your initial weight (IW). 
  • Then divide that number by your initial starting weight (IW).
  • Take that number and multiply it by 100 and you get your weight loss percentage. 
  • Equation: ((IW-AW)/IW) * 100= weight loss percentage
    • Example: So if I start at 211 and end up at 206, that’s 211-206 (5 lbs.).
      Take 5 lbs. and divide it by my starting weight (211).  5/211 = .023697
      Multiply that by 100 and you get 2.37% of body weight loss
    • To calculate point value, multiply the 2.37 times 10 which equals 23.7 points. 

Throughout the challenge, there will be opportunities to earn more points. These opportunities will include:

  • Scheduled group 15-min walking breaks
  • Attending a health education class (DEEP, Create Better Health, Cooking Classes, and more),
  • Ordering meals off of our EatWell list

To keep track of your points, we will provide punch cards during each weigh in. You will receive a hole punch at each completed event. You may submit these punch cards at the next weigh-in.  Be on the lookout for an email with more information on these point earning opportunities! 

The competition starts January 15th, 2024.  The first weigh-in of the competition will be January 16th and 18th, at 8:30am. You will have to stick with whichever day you choose for the remainder of the competition. Weigh-ins will be held in Immunizations room. No shoes will be worn for the first weigh in.  

Official weigh-ins will occur every two weeks on Tuesday and Thursday during the following time frames: Jan 30 & Feb 1st; Feb 13th & 15th; Feb 27th & 29th; March 12th & 14th; March 26th & 28th

The final weigh-in will be during the last week of the competition (April 9th & 11th).  The winner will be announced on Monday, April 15th, 2024. 

You can join at any time during the first two weeks (but the longer you wait the harder it will be to win).

There will be a penalty fee of 5 points if weight gained. 

There will be a penalty fee of 10 points if you miss weighing in.

Actual weigh-in results will not be publicly posted.  There will be a point-based leaderboard posted on the LiveWell website. The leaderboard will be updated on a weekly basis. 

  • Although the leaderboard will not contain actual weights, just points (earned by % body weight lost AND participating in activities), team names and individual names will be posted. Please notify Jelecia Miller at jelecia.miller@wichitafallstx.gov  if you would like to be assigned a number for anonymity.  

Most important rule, “HAVE FUN”, eat healthy, and exercise. 

Winning participants will have choice of a George Foreman grill, food steamer, or rice cooker.


Order an approved item off of our EatWell Wichita Falls list. Our partners and their approved menu items can be found here: https://eatwellwichitacounty.com/ To be eligible for points, you must submit a receipt from the restaurant via google form (you will not use punch card for this activity): Link to be provided

Points are only given for items purchased from January 15 through April 12th. One point per approved meal purchased, limited to one meal per week.

For any and all participants, you may sign up for our 4-week Create Better Health classes. Time and Date TBD. Each Class attended equals one point earned. To sign up, contact Jelecia Miller at 940-761-7699 or jelecia.miller@wichitafallstx.gov 

For any participants with type 2 diabetes, you may sign up for our 6-week Diabetes Education Empowerment Program (DEEP). Time and Date TBD. Each class attended equals one point earned. To sign up, contact Monica Gil-Garcia at 940-761-7975 or monica.gilgarcia@wichitafallstx.gov 

For any participants with chronic pain, you may sign up for our 6-week Chronic Pain Self-Management class. Time and Date TBD. Each class attended equals one point earned. To sign up, contact Felicia Fraga at 940-761-7699 or felicia.fraga@wichitafallstx.gov 

Attend a “Walk on the Trail”, which will be held on select Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the competition from 2pm to 2:15pm (tentative based on temperature). We will meet at the Trail Sign by the West Parking Lot and perform group walks for 15 minutes. For more information and sign up contact Felicia Fraga at 940-761-7699 or felicia.fraga@wichitafallstx.gov 

Volunteer 1 hour with our Health Equity team to help with our demonstration garden. One hour equals one point, limited to 1 point per week. For more information and sign up, contact Alexandra Orellana Henríquez at 940-761-7918 or alexandra.henriquez@wichitafallstx.gov 

Animal Services- TBD 

Environmental – TBD

Preparedness – TBD


Link to all events:

  • Links will be provided

*** Classes and volunteering are not scheduled during working hours (this does not include lunch). Please check with your supervisor for approval to attend weigh-ins or any other events that may take place during working hours***

Tips for keeping people involved:

Teams can add accountability. The first big rule of creating an office weight loss competition is to create teams. Having a team to be accountable to is very important. Having team members, as well as opposing team members watching, really keeps your mindless munching at bay. If you are in the competition only for yourself, you will be much more likely to indulge. Being accountable to other people can really help people stay on track.

If you have a smartphone, there are a variety of great nutrition apps you can use like ‘MyFitnessPal’, ‘Start Simple with MyPlate App’, ‘Cronometer’, ‘MyPlate Calorie Counter’. Some great fitness apps include ‘FitOn’, ‘Nike Training Club’,  ‘7 Minute Workout’. 

If websites are more your thing, try the USDA Super Tracker: http://www.choosemyplate.gov/supertracker-tools.html

MyFitnessPal OR Cronometer can also be used on a desktop or tablet. It helps track calories, break down ingredients, logs activity and can even sync with your fitness tracker! http://www.myfitnesspal.com https://cronometer.com/

Find savings in the area and discover new ways to prepare budget-friendly foods: https://www.myplate.gov/app/shopsimple/desktop