Miracle Flights

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Flight Department - 800-359-1711


- What we do: We fly individuals and families to treatment, second opinions, follow-up visits and clinical trials from the U.S. to U.S.-based treatment centers. We also fly people to retrieve/train service dogs.
- Experience: We are a nonprofit in operation for 33 years.
- Reach: Primarily rare disease focused, we are not disease specific.
- Age: All ages - children and adults
- Passengers: We coordinate and book flights, free of charge, through commercial airline partners for a sick child & both parents/guardians or a sick adult & 1 caregiver.
-Mileage: Distance is never an issue and there is no limit to the number of times a family or individual can request a flight.
-Speed/Accessibility: We only need two weeks’ notice before a medical appointment (though we understand that urgent flights are at times necessary).