United Regional Volunteer Program

United Regional Volunteer Program

The United Regional Auxiliary is an organization designed to provide philanthropic support to United Regional Health Care System. The auxiliary is comprised of volunteers and community members who support the hospital through financial gifts and giving of their time through service.

Since the 1920’s, the volunteers of United Regional have touched the lives of patients, their loved ones, our staff and our community with compassionate, caring service.

Today, more than 250 adult and student volunteers (high school students) give their time to United Regional. Over the past 10 years, the Auxiliary has supported the hospital with financial gifts totaling more than $781,000 and given more than 550,000 hours of service.

Our volunteers are a vital part of our health care team. They impact the lives of our patients with their smiles, words of encouragement, and giving their time. They work each day to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients, their family as well as our staff.

Student Volunteers

During the summer, students have the opportunity to volunteer during a 10-week summer program.  Program details and applications will be available in the local schools and on the website.

Mobile & Stationary Food Pantry Volunteer Sign-Up

Many of those living in these communities have limited access to nutritious food and are elderly, disabled, have health issues, and/or have small children. The Food Bank and United Regional will be meeting their need for nutritious food and working toward improved health.

According to Feeding America, the food insecurity rate in Wichita County is 18.5 percent. Both of these communities are considered food deserts – areas without access to fresh, healthy foods often due to a lack of nearby grocery stores or a farmers’ market. Instead, residents often rely on local convenience stores filled with processed sugar and fat-laden foods, which are known contributors to our nation’s obesity epidemic. The Eastside and City View communities were chosen based on proximity to a brick and mortar pantry, status as food deserts, and access to transportation.

The Mobile Pantry, which will make four distributions a month to Eastside and two a month to City View, was deployed to reach these individuals in the communities they live, bringing them a food pantry and access to essential preventative care.

United Regional employees will provide information that could help improve the person’s overall health. Additionally, volunteers will offer to set up follow-up appointments with a primary care physician or the Transition Clinic, as needed. These appointments are critical to ensuring these at-risk populations can receive excellent preventative care.

The impact of the Mobile Pantry in these strategically chosen communities could be life-changing for local residents. This investment in the fight against hunger is an investment in the future of our community.

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